Friday, November 21, 2008

How it all began

Have you ever been obsessed with something, to the point that it completely takes over your life? Well Aviation has done that to me, to the point that now when people think of me, they think of something aviation related. As a child I grew up fascinated with planes and finally flew on a plane in my early teens. Then I flew short haul in 1994 and since then for almost every year after that, till present I have flown on one long haul flight! In today's travel of jet setting individuals that is nothing to be compared with, however just to get up to 39,000ft once a year is very therapeutic for an obsessed aviation crazy individual like me. It might beg the question, what have I done to perhaps get into the Aviation Industry? Well, I did work for an airline (ground) but a 9-5 job is a 9-5 job. What I really always wanted was to be a flight attendant. However it just never happened!! Anyway I am creating this blog to hopefully identify with other individuals out there, who never really got their wings to fly, but have to make do whenever an opportunity arises to get up there in the clouds, sip your drink, listen to your headphones and watch the clouds go by!! (Of course being a flight attendant would mean you would be the one serving, not the one being served)

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  1. What sort of work did you do on the ground? Before I was cabin crew, I was ground crew (check in & dispatch) and it was a great rush. It also opened doors which before I found impossible to get through. I think my ground crew experience was what won me, finally, that FA job.

    In aviation, a lot of it is 'who' you know. So don't ever give up, it might not happen exactly the way you want, but I'm sure it will happen!