Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip reports on Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways - EY 502 (YYZ-AUH via BRU) - November 2005

Etihad Airways - EY222/501 KHI-AUH / AUH-YYZ via BRU. December 2005

(Again don't forget to click on the letters in blue to see the pics. You don't want to miss out on the pictures of the cabin crew by this crazy paparazzi!!). Enjoy!!

Trip Reports on Emirates

Here are some trip reports from my flights on Emirates!!

Emirates EK 202 A340-500 JFK to DXB

Emirates EK 600 DXB To KHI/ EK 601 KHI-DXB
(See Ben you might find some nice passengers like me on a flight to and from Karachi :) )

I'm not copying and pasting it all in here again. You may have to trouble yourself to open it in another browser. Also within the trip report you will see words highlighted in blue. Click on them and you will see the relevant photos. Enjoy!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The list keeps on growing

Thanks to Traytable within a week my list of "followers" has grown from 1 to 4. It's also motivated me to write more. So here is some more from a "I dreamed of being an FA" person :)"

Today it's been a bit crazy! It's the comment countdown at Airboy's blog, and seriously he kills me! He must be such fun on the flight. I hope I didn't come across as being too desperate for being the 1000th person to comment LOL

I know the job of an FA though considered glamorous, is actually hard work. Irregular hours, changes in your body clock and as Airboy commented "the Layover blues"! I know when I travel long haul which I do at least once a year to visit family back home, it takes me days to recover, at least from all that adrenalin rush once on board. I'm a bit of a snob and snicker when people consider a flight from one end of Canada to the other a red eye, or they get jet lag! Some of my flights require me to go to Los Angeles only to use that as a spring board to the start of a long haul. Just six hours in a plane and it's a real waste of time! Give me 10-14 hours NONSTOP and I'll be as content as baby that has just been fed..burp!

Back to the jobs of FAs, I admire how you can deal with so many people, smile and be the same way when the passengers deplane! I've nothing against FAs that don't want to be up there, and actually want to be the first ones of the plane when it lands. I've had some of those and I ask myself, who hired them? LOL. Sometimes I think I was just so bent on becoming an FA because I loved planes. Now when I think of it, my job would require me to also smile constantly, keep my composure and then be prepared to do it all over again, wow! (But then those hiring would have detected I don't have those qualities lol)They say things happen for the best and now I'm glad in a way I never became an FA! I have an FA friend and an absolute jewel of a guy, that when I see his patience levels, I know I am still far behind in the patience department.

For now I think I'll just be content to sit in my "window" seat, headphones on my head, watching the clouds go by or gaze at the stars at night, including those inside the cabin on the ceiling, sipping my champagne (well some serve it in Economy lol) and have my camera in hand for those unexpected photo opportunities. And on my next flight, FA's you better watch out!!. I behaved myself on Lufthansa and Qantas by not photographing the cabin crew, but now I deeply regret that. After all FAs are the ones that make your flight what it is and what better memory to have of your flight, than to walk away with fond memories on film of the group that made it all possible!!! Here's to all the FAs out there! Wear you uniform with pride, hold your head up high and know that someone somewhere is admiring you!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another day spotting, another purchase

Well the day yesterday turned out to be a major disappointment. It started off warm and sunny, and then gusts of wind, dark skies, followed by the most horrible rain ever! I managed to get two of these beauties,
which were landing on Rwy 24R while I was at Rwy23 which was being used actively for take offs, with just the baby A319, A320s and there was just one LAN Chile departing which I managed to quickly snap before I jumped on the transit bus which would take me to Rwy 24R, which I passed earlier but decided to carry on to Rwy 23 instead. Rwy 23 is usually the most active and I was desperate to nail the Etihad Boeing 777-300ER which just started the afternoon arrivals with the start of the summer schedule about a month ago. The Etihad 777-300ER has got to be one of the nicest looking jets out there. And then there was a lot of buzz too with the arrival of the EK A380 on June 1st. Heaven knows how many spotters will be out there to commemorate the arrival of this beast for the first time to Toronto.

This MH 744 from Skymarks is the latest purchase, and which now completes my Malaysian Airlines fleet of aircraft which I have flown on, namely the Boeing 747-400 (LAX-TPE-KUL v.v), the A330-300 (KUL-KHI v.v) and the Boeing 777-200ER (EWR-DXB-KUL v.v)Malaysia Airlines happens to also be my favourite airline with who I believe has the World's Best Cabin Crew, which is also no surprise considering Skytrax has voted them the best for the past many years. They have the most genuinely warm, friendly crew with service from the heart. I'm so glad to have flown them consecutively for two years both via the Pacific from Los Angeles and via the Atlantic from New York.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some random pics from a previous spotting trip

OMG I have a follower!

I don't usually sign in here, and only do when I have to comment on some blog, where the anonymous function is not allowed. So I happened to sign in here today, and lo and behold I have a follower, Traytable :). Why thank you so much for your kind comments (the first to leave me one actually) and for following my blog. I think I should let the FA's know how rejected FA's continue with their dreams, by just continuing to dream LOL. But at 40, it's time to wake up really and realise the dream will only continue to be a dream in your mind!

Some of you might know me as M on Airboy's site. I'm also a die hard fan of his site, and am a regular reader of Melissa's blog (who will always be the very first blogger for me) from where I found Airboy, and then Clauderic and Carine who both happen to be from Montreal. And of course the Flying Kiwi who flies on the A380 only. Traytable I'm adding you now, but I've known you from the comments you leave on the blogs I've mentioned above.

Tomorrow it's supposedly gorgeous weather in Toronto, with a slight chance of showers, but not enough to keep me indoors. It's off to Pearson for spotting and Rwy 23! I might have some pics to share!