Saturday, April 25, 2009

OMG I have a follower!

I don't usually sign in here, and only do when I have to comment on some blog, where the anonymous function is not allowed. So I happened to sign in here today, and lo and behold I have a follower, Traytable :). Why thank you so much for your kind comments (the first to leave me one actually) and for following my blog. I think I should let the FA's know how rejected FA's continue with their dreams, by just continuing to dream LOL. But at 40, it's time to wake up really and realise the dream will only continue to be a dream in your mind!

Some of you might know me as M on Airboy's site. I'm also a die hard fan of his site, and am a regular reader of Melissa's blog (who will always be the very first blogger for me) from where I found Airboy, and then Clauderic and Carine who both happen to be from Montreal. And of course the Flying Kiwi who flies on the A380 only. Traytable I'm adding you now, but I've known you from the comments you leave on the blogs I've mentioned above.

Tomorrow it's supposedly gorgeous weather in Toronto, with a slight chance of showers, but not enough to keep me indoors. It's off to Pearson for spotting and Rwy 23! I might have some pics to share!


  1. You're most welcome. I'm a bit of a closet spotter myself. Most FA's don't understand, but then again, most FAs did not originally want to be pilots!

    I say good on your for getting as close as you can. Sometimes it's hard, not being exactly where you want to be, but there is much enjoyment to be had by finding a new angle on an old dream.

    Happy spotting!

  2. Thanks for the plug here M. Honored to have you as one of my die hard fans !