Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trip reports on Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways - EY 502 (YYZ-AUH via BRU) - November 2005

Etihad Airways - EY222/501 KHI-AUH / AUH-YYZ via BRU. December 2005

(Again don't forget to click on the letters in blue to see the pics. You don't want to miss out on the pictures of the cabin crew by this crazy paparazzi!!). Enjoy!!


  1. Cool! I really liked all those reports, the pics are great. The EY ones especially make me want to fly with them for myself! Maybe in September when the interviews happen again... =D

  2. I have no idea where your other comment went to, the one about the family of 6 on the tarmac near the stairs of the 747. I guess I need to learn how to make sure comments get captured here correctly.

  3. It's on the paparazzi post :-)