Thursday, June 11, 2009

Airports I've been through, and Airlines I've travelled with!!

I did this post for another website and I thought I'd share it here. As you know I never really could become an FA however, I have been fortunate enough to have travelled with quite a few airlines and transited through many different airports. Here is my travel history so far :). I have been flying progressively every year on one long haul flight since 1994! From flights over the Atlantic, to over the Pacific, to over the South China sea, to over the Alps, to over the Arabian Sea I've been there. Never been though to South America or Africa but would be great to fly between the two with my favourite carrier, Malaysia Airlines between Buenos Aires and Cape Town and also get to travel over the South Atlantic! Ah, one can dream can they not! LOL

I nearly booked a flight on KLM for December to Dubai (onward to Karachi with either Malaysia Airlines or Emirates), but with a Credit card nearly maxed out and the recession looming, I did not go ahead with it. Or else by December KLM would have been added to the list below. If I don't land up flying this year (I have some FF points to use), it will be the second time since 1994 that I have not flown, the first time since then was in 2004 the year my parents came for a visit to Canada.

Click on the underlined links to go to the airport or airline websites!! (Remember to right click on the link and select "Open link in new tab" or you may not return to my page LOL!!

(Tch) = Technical stop
(Tr) = Transit stop
(Dis) = Disembarked

Karachi - Where it all began :)
Travelled from/to Karachi up to 1996
Travelled from/to Toronto since 1996

Mumbai (Dis)-1981 - IC & PK
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA)

Singapore (Tr)-1988 SQ, (Dis)-1988 SQ, (Dis)-2000 SQ, (Tr)-2000 SQ
Welcome to Changi Airport

Sydney - (Dis)-1988 SQ, (Dis)-1994 BA , Dis-(2001) NZ, Dis-(2008) QF
Sydney Airport

Bangkok - (Tr)-1994 TG, (Dis)-1994
Don Muang Airport (DMK) Details - Thailand

Colombo - (Dis)-1995 UL
Welcome to Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Ltd.

Dubai - (Tch)-1996 SR , (Tch)-1998 SR*, (Tch)-1999 EK, (Tch)-2002 MH, (Dis)-2006 EK, (Dis)-2007 LH
Dubai International Airport

Zurich - (Tr)-1996 SR* , (Tr)-1998 SR*
Zurich Airport

Toronto - (Dis)-1996 (Moved to Canada)
Greater Toronto Airports Authority - Home

New York - (Dis)-1996 KU, (Tr)-2003(EWR)MH, (Tr)-2006 EK
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - Kennedy Airport

London - (Tch)-1996 KU, (Tr)-1999 EK,
BAA Heathrow: Welcome to Heathrow Airport | Parking | Terminal 5

Kuwait - (Tr)-1996 KU, (Tr)- 1997 KU,
Kuwait International Airport

Chicago - (Tr)-1997 AA/KU,
Chicago Airport System ®

Amsterdam - (Tch)-KU,
Homepage - Schiphol

- (Tr)-1998 AC/SR*
Welcome to Montréal-Trudeau

- (Tr)-2000 NW
Minneapolis - St. Paul International Airport - home

Los Angeles - (Dis)-2000 NW, (Tr)-2000 AC/SQ,(Tr)-2001 AC/NZ, (Tr)-2002 AC/MH, (Tr)-2008 AC/QF
LAX - Los Angeles International Airport. Flights, Parking, Airlines

Tokyo - (Tch)-2000 SQ

Vancouver - (Tr)-2000 SQ/AC
YVR - Vancouver International Airport

Taipei - (Tch)-2002 MH
Taipei SongShan Airport-Home

Kuala Lumpur
- (Dis)-2001 MH, (Dis)-2002 MH,
Welcome to KL International Airport

- (Tch)-2005 EY
The Brussels Airport Website

Abu Dhabi - (Tr)-2005 EY
Welcome To Abu Dhabi International Airport

Frankfurt - (Tr)-2007 LH
Frankfurt Airport City | Homepage

*SR indicates Swissair


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  2. Yes it did Dorrie :). Glad for the heads up!