Saturday, June 6, 2009

Chasing the Airbus A380!

Was able to get off early on a Friday and head to Pearson. Rwy 24 was the active one for landings so I got off there. And they decide to send the EK A380 to Rwy 23

So I headed to Rwy 23 and had some decent arrivals

No idea what this green bug is?

A delivery truck stopped right in front of me and blocked me!! I was lucky to at least get this as it passed

It's funny there was this guy who was right by the fence, who security came up to and began to question him. I had the camera in my hand but she didn't see it. She then asked the guy to follow her, and when they passed me and had their backs to me I clicked this one. It turned out she just didn't want him to be right up close to the fence. I later spoke to him after the security guard had left and he told me he was new, first time today so I warned him to stand where I do which causes no problems..yet!!

Took a break and then decided to go to the other side, to get the light from the setting sun on the jets. Was quite happy with this one.

This pic was taken at 9:05pm. It was still dusk. Taken from the usual location which I headed back to.

I waited for the A380 to depart at 2140, which she did from Rwy 23. However my camera does not take good photos in the day to begin with, so at night it was a challenge. There were tons of people lined up against the fence around 40. (Ms.Security should have turned up at that time. She would have freaked out) There were lots of ooh and aahs when it finally taxied close by before performing a rolling take off. And then when it lifted off, there was this gush of wind that shook the fence and made all of us blink when the dust kicked into our eyes. It was the jet blast from the A380. Everyone said it was from the A380. Have stood many times there but never experienced even a mild jet blast with the other jets. And oh it was so quiet!!

Here are crappy pics but to give you an idea

Head on with the beast as it made it's way to Rwy 23.

Passing by the fence!! It just taxied by so quickly!

Beginning the take off roll


  1. Cool pictures. When will airports realise that spotters are a GOOD thing? You generally know what should be there, each other, and wwhat FOD looks like... in my opinion they should have a 'registration' program for spotters, so only spotters with IDs are allowed to be near the fence.

  2. TT thanks for the comments :). Just added even bigger pics ( the ones you view after you click the main page pics) so they are even better. LOL

    Believe me even with badges, spotters would still have problems. We just want to see our planes up, close and personal. It's as simple as that.