Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Etihad Revisited - Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A320

I travelled on Etihad recently. Here are the trip reports on those flights.


Etihad Welcome Screen on the Boeing 777-300ER

Inflight Headphones and Amenity kit

Etihad's new e-box Inflight Entertainment

Dinner served out of Toronto

Etihad's dessert service. (Unique to Eithad only and served after the main meal trays are cleared)

Progress of our flight. Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

Light Refreshment served mid-flight

Second light refreshment of Chocolate Popcorn and/or Ice Cream

Second main meal served prior to landing in Abu Dhabi

Nearing Abu Dhabi

First time on Etihad's new baby Airbus A320s!

Old Inflight entertainment on the Airbus A320

Dinner served at 2300 out of Abu Dhabi

Reaching our final destination!!


Welcome screen on the Etihad Airbus A320

Breakfast served on our way to Abu Dhabi

Landed in Abu Dhabi and using the stairs to desend

Etihad's Boeing 777-300ER being used on the flight to Toronto

Flying over the F1 course just having departed from Abu Dhabi - three hours late

Flight data map not functional on the flight :(

Lunch served on the flight

Etihad's unique dessert service. Again not disappointed.

Some scenic views on the way in.

Also served prior to this were the mid flight refreshment, ice cream or popcorn

Back in Toronto. With the tails of Jet Airways, Air Canada and Lufthansa


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