Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is here!! Time to head to Pearson!!

We've had days of rain, sometimes for a whole week which was pretty much depressing. However just prior to this we had a period of some sunny days, maybe two or three and that is when I headed out to Pearson. Fortunately most of the arrivals were on 24R which was great to photograph some nice heavies! Well beginning tomorrow it is going to be not the high 10s or low 20s but shooting up to the low 30 degrees (Centigrade). Will most probably be at Pearson this weekend but here are some shots from that one sunny Saturday I headed out to Pearson some weeks ago. No wonder Canadians go crazy when the sun comes out!! Of course, they find better ways to catch the sun, the beach, patios etc, unlike some like me who can stand for hours near a runway, till your feet give in or the batteries die whichever comes first :)

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