Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The gift has arrived!!

Well I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email notification that the gift was express shipped to me by FedEX as promised. For those unaware of Airboy, here is the link to that thread announcing my win. I had to get off one stop before my final stop on the train home, and soon I was heading back to the station to take the train home with the box in hand. (I had another shipment sent to me by FedEX and that pick up point was two hours away from home, by transit!!)

When I got home I was thrilled with the contents, an IKEA photo frame and a Emirates mouse pad. Airboy is sure an IKEA fan, and I should have suspected the gift would be from there lol. Thank you Airboy firstly for posting my comments on your blog, and then for my winning this prize and in some way being instrumental in contributing to your comment count to the 1000 mark and more!!!

Here is the prize, the IKEA photo frame and the stunning Emirates mouse pad!!

And why not take this opportunity to promote the arrival of the Emirates Airbus A380 on June 1, 2009. All of Toronto eagerly awaits the beast, more importantly because it's never been here before. Fortunately I was able to spot the Singapore Airlines version of it up close and personal while spotting in Sydney, Australia. Here is the gift with the 1:200 version of the Airbus A380 from Risesoon in Taiwan!

And finally why not promote Emirates with the 1:200 fleet pics, after all Airboy promotes Emirates on his blog :). All them models below are from the Emirates store in Dubai, picked up on various trips there. The gift of the A380 in the other pics was a gift by another FA in Emirates. Aren't Emirates FA just the best with gifts hee,hee!!

Thanks once again Airboy, and thank you all for reading!!

Some 24 hours later, and with some more time today, I managed to set the photo frame correctly. Yesterday American Idol's finale was on, and in trying to get the pics up too it was all a rush!! For now the Shanghai paper cut will do :)


  1. Wow that mouse pad is cool, very 'un Emirates' if that makes sense, normally they are all about photos and glossy promo stuff, but I like the comic-book look!

  2. Yes that mouse pad is cool, and I've even replaced the old photos with new bigger ones. You can see how lovely it really is!

  3. ahahaha Glad it arrived in one piece ! Although the Shanghai papercut has moved fromt the center of the frame to the bottom !

  4. Yes it did, and I'm actually getting more questions about the Emirates mouse pad :)

  5. do they even sell these anymore? I want them also.