Monday, May 4, 2009

Winner on Airboy!!

I completely forgot to post my win on Airboy here on my own blog! In all honesty, Melissa's blog was the very first one I came across and it was through her's that I discovered Airboy: And in due course I discovered other FA's like Clauderic, Carine, Traytable and still so many more to discover. Love reading about all your lives as FA's!! Keep them coming

Airboy is seriously the most funniest person I've come across and with the photos, videos and other links, I was soon hooked. And so began the posting of endless (and hopefully not senseless) comments. And sometime last week, the countdown to the 1000th comment on his blog was soon approaching, with a surprise gift to the person who posted the 1000th comment. Well that day, I was posting quite a few comments, but with no real intention of being the one to post the 1000th comment, but it landed up being me!! soon I shall be getting that surprise gift and it will be revealed on this blog spot.

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