Monday, May 4, 2009

Only in summer can you do this!!

Well it was another great weekend, and another opportunity to go spotting. And hopefully some more weeks of this summer time activity. Of course, there are other events in the city which will distract me from this past time, and who knows maybe use this blog to highlight Toronto's other activities, which are definitely non-aviation related. After all Toronto is such a multi-cultural city, it's got events from Bollywood themed shows, to Salsa and Tango on the street, to the beating drums of African music!

Here are some pics from Sunday's spotting trip. The day before they were landing on 24L so I made sure when I went on Sunday, I had my camera with me and I was terribly disappointed. They were landing on 33L instead. So I walked for 40 mins till I got to the 33R where they were taking off, and was thrilled that this new vantage point was great to experience take offs! These pics hopefully to some justice to the roaring jets overhead. Enjoy the pics! It's great to see the Boeing 747-400s but it won't be long before they will be replaced with the Boeing 777-300ER. That PIA is going nonstop to Lahore, and would definitely be the long haul flight I would like to take some day. That Boeing 777-200LR is one magnificent beast! PIA has those operating non-stop Pakistan to Canada, and Emirates has them on the UAE to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston, where as Qatar Airways has them Qatar to Houston. And of course not forgetting our own Air Canada using them on the Canada-Far East and Canada-Australia routes. Super long hauls are here to stay! (I know some cabin crew dread those routes!!)

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