Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's past midnight and a new decade!

Well now the big 40's have kicked in and it's now time to consider what lies ahead. To have dreamt of being an FA was well fun and a bit of wishful thinking. Well to begin with customer service, hospitality industry were industries I should have been in to have gained some experience, and without that I just didn't make the mark. However fortunately I still have my accounting and administrative career to pursue, so here's to it with full force. Yes time has been wasted not pursuing my current career path, but a dream of flying was pursued instead though as a passenger. Miles and miles of annual long haul flights, enough to say I have been around the world, though not at the same time. Different sectors, different airlines, different cabin crews, yet one thing that unites them all, the Passion of Aviation!! Well needless to say tomorrow will be spent spotting just as I did today. After all the warm days of summer are to be enjoyed while they are here!!

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